Gracious me and mine, a crime you say?

I'm Lily and I like Infinite Jest.

I also like words and languages and winged eyeliner and other such things.

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"all have been given punning names" this is a collective effort that has been going on for many decades and the world needs to know

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can anyone recommend some good spanish-language songs please?? urgent plea for good jams

guys guys pleaaaase

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The Tale Of You & Me — Wild Child

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Medusa and her blind boyfriend go out on their first date and he panics because he cant tell her she looks pretty so he says something really stupid like “I REALLY like snakes”

This is so fucking cute

this should be a young adult romance novel right now





Had a sudden urge to draw this.

Omg i need more

oh my god

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ohhhhhhhh my god look what I now own?!???? god I live for this

an imperial affliction is called ‘un dolor imperial’ wow

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