Gracious me and mine, a crime you say?

I'm Lily and I like Infinite Jest.

I also like words and languages and winged eyeliner and other such things.

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Last week I shot a roll of film that I’d got free with a second hand camera. When I got back the scans I found out that the roll had already been used by the guy who gave me it and so I had double exposed it. By chance, both of us had taken a photo of a motorway landscape and this was made. His photo is from the inside of the car looking at countryside and my shot of an urban motorway is best seen on the left hand side.

This is fucking amazing

im speechless


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Ezra Koenig’s guide to Europe. Travel safe.

still relevant

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the flow and energy of the seasons

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are tectonic plates dishwasher safe?

idk but they’re perfect for a continental breakfast

(vía infinityturtles)

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Photographer Marianne Kjølner snapped this pair of photographs of a bizarre tree in Denmark. Of the photo she says: “This old pink house is situated at the old dunes, a few hundred meters from the west coast, a very windy place were there isn’t much that can grow. So the tree can only grow where it has shelter.”

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an interesting fact about me: I cry too much and am hopelessly self-absorbed and like to console myself by painting little portraits of myself which tends to stop the crying but does nothing for the self-absorption